About Us


Arie Elle is a woman and black-owned clothing brand that seeks to redefine the meaning of inspiration. We strive to bring aesthetic and elevated pieces to the closets of dreamers and believers who aspire to be the model in them and inspire those around them ♡ We are all about creating and nurturing a positive atmosphere, quite literally. Monthly donations are made to non-profits organizations that fight for the sustainability of Earth's most valuable resources: land, air, & (our most favorite) water.


Arie Elle was a love for fashion that emerged a boutique. We are located just south of Charlotte, NC. We love pastel, dreamy colors as well as neutral, earth tones. This brand has come a long way and we are eager to share it with you. We look forward to continuing on this journey with you all and growing into an inspirational brand. 

Thank you for supporting our dreams & we hope to inspire yours xoxo