~ ambassador program ~

Ambassador perks include:

  • 30% off clothing that you promote
  • A 15% off code for your followers to use
  • Performance-based freebies

* you may be promoted on our website and on social media *

If you are interested in becoming an ambassador, please fill out this form: https://forms.gle/fK8t912QGvXtwdwA9 and provide the social media accounts you would be promoting with. Be sure to have your accounts set to public or we will not consider your application. We will review your application and approve/deny within two days. If approved, we will send you more information regarding next steps via email or instagram.

There are no strict requirements, but we do favor accounts that have high quality content, an engaged audience, and an overall positive tone. You must be following us on Instagram to be considered.

Product Exchange
We may consider sending you a free product in exchange for a social media post ONLY if your account meets the following requirements:

  • Instagram: 750+ followers 
  • Account set to public
  • U.S. based
  • Able to deliver content within 1 week of receiving the product(s)

To apply, please fill out this form (click here): https://forms.gle/2VpJzZCHG7PZXmWC8

PR Packages/Giveaways
We will occasionally offer free clothing as part of a PR package or giveaway. These opportunities will be posted on our Instagram page when available, along with the rules to enter. Follow us on our social media accounts to stay informed about these special opportunities!

Brand Collabs (Small Businesses Only)
We believe more can be achieved in a team environment, so we are always happy to partner with other brands/stores for giveaways, promos, etc. You can reach out via email or a DM on Instagram.

Other Inquiries
If you have something else in mind that we have not already listed, let us know! We are totally open to new ideas.