about us

made with love, created to inspire, for the dreamers by the dreamers ♡

hi!! my name is naya and i am the founder and creative director of ARIE ELLE. the idea behind this brand is a long way coming. i started ARIE ELLE in june of 2020 during quarantine. this led me to my passion: sustainable design. i didn't enjoy selling clothes that had zero impact on the world. i wanted to be creative and make something of my own. in 2021, i dropped my first collection. only there was one problem. clothing creates a significant amount of waste and aids in climate change. this bothered me. i didn't want to contribute to this ongoing problem, i actually want to help resolve it. a lot of research was done in order to figure how to make a brand completely eco-conscious. 

so, welcome to ARIE ELLE, a woman and black-owned clothing brand that seeks to redefine the meaning of inspiration as well as bring sustainable and elevated pieces to the closets of dreamers & believers who aspire to be the model in them and inspire those around them.

ARIE ELLE is an extension of myself, if you can't tell :) so if you ever feeling stuck or in between a rock and a hard place, just known we have all been there. ARIE ELLE will support every step of the way. above all, our purpose is to inspire.

thank you for supporting my dreams & i hope to inspire yours xoxo